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    Welcome to Happy Customers Electrical Service

    We work hard so that our valued customers like you can come away happy. Our electricians are on call, ready to help keep you business and home running efficiently. We strive to provide professional service while maintaining our unique one on one relationship.

    • Quality work, Dependable Service
    • Affordable & Reliable
    • Emergency Repair & Installation
    • Virtually any electrical needs you have – just ask!
    Anthony Taylor
    Your Own Electrician
    On Call Electrician Services – Safe and Efficient
    We are a Full Service Electrical Contractor
    Electrical Service

    We provide complete electrical design and installation services.

    Panels Changes

    Electrical panels are the heart of your electrical system.

    Fixture Installation

    We offer energy efficient electric heat products and installations.

    Your home should be a happy place. We provide the right electrical services to keep your home well lit, safely wired and seamlessly connected. Our expert electrical team is happy to assist with your electrical needs including:
    Installing ceiling fans & switches
    Indoor & outdoor lighting
    New construction or remodeling
    Fuse boxes
    Electrical panel upgrades
    Safety inspections & permits
    Restorative or additions rewiring
    And more!
    We offer a full range of commercial electrical services. When you need commercial electrical equipment installed, our licensed technicians will help keep your business’s lights on and ensure your equipment is operating at its optimum performance and code-compliant.
    • We install & repair
    • Exit signs
    • Emergency lights
    • Office lighting
    • Warehouse lighting
    • Outdoor lighting
    • Stand-by generator hook up
    • General troubleshooting
    • And more!
    Whatever your industrial electrical needs are, we have you covered. Our expertise allows us to effectively service and maintain the equipment necessary to keep industrial businesses running efficiently. We ensure projects are completed on time with the highest standards in quality and customer service.
    We specialize in
    Electrical Safety and Maintenance Inspections
    Dedicated circuits and sub panels
    Temporary/Special events wiring
    Meter panels
    Servicing power poles
    Commercial maintenance
    And more!

    Happy Electrical Services - Electrician Fort Lauderdale

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    With a Project?

    Our services are backed with a warranty and come with the assurance of quality and craftsmanship. Give us a call today to schedule a free service estimate!

    Some Of Our Completed Works

    You will enjoy doing business with us! Fast, Electrical estimates at competitive price. We save your time and money. Interested?
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    We have served customers with honesty and integrity since 1988
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    Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness
    Anthony is a hero without a cape. He came and fixed every single issue I had. After I had already paid him, we were chatting and I said I may need him again soon for this issue with my fan. He said "let's take a look", then literally went in and fixed it. He showed up the same day I called, was very pleasant, and knew exactly what to do to fix all of my issues. - Nick R
    See Our Reviews
    Professionalism, Quality, Value
    Extremely professional and showed up late in the night to fix an emergency electrical issue in my apartment. - Nicholas I
    See Our Reviews
    Quality, Responsiveness, Value
    Great at what he does, very affordable and professional. I will always recommend them !! - B Man
    Quick Service, On Call

    1 (754) 444-7661
    Why Choose Us
    30+ Years Experience!
    Our team of residential and commercial electricians are innovative, knowledgeable and well equipped to fulfill your electrical needs.
    Clear & Upfront Pricing
      It's simple. We give you a quote for the job, do the job right and charge you for the amount quoted. You won't be stuck worrying about extra time or parts.

    On Time Pledge
      Your time is valuable to you, so it's valuable to us. We offer same day emergency service. So not only are we on time, we’re on your schedule.

    Parts Parts Parts!
      Our trucks are full size vans. That's because we stock them with thousands of parts. For you, this means we have the best chance to do the work fast and right with only one visit.

    "When Broward County residents need an electrician, we’re here to help.”

    Happy Customers Electrical Service is the company you can trust for your quick electrical repairs with satisfaction guaranteed from a licensed expert electrician.

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    Your Questions. Our Answers
    Frequently Asked Questions
    You will find answers to all of your most common Electrical Services related questions located here.
    What does it Mean to "Short-Circuit?
    A short circuit is also known as short. A hot wire carries an electrical current in most electrical systems. When this wire becomes loose, exposed, or frayed, it will be grounded. As a result, electricity diverted from its specified pathway. You notice spark and heat due to the short circuit.
    What is the Difference Between a Fuse and a Breaker?
    Both devices are used to break electricity flow if any fault is sensed in the system. If a fuse blows out due to a fault, you need to replace it. However, a breaker doesn't need any replacement. You need to reset the breaker switch to solve the issue.
    What are GFCI Outlets?
    They are a special electrical outlet that will shut off automatically if moisture is present. You usually install them in the bathroom, kitchen, garage, or outdoors. As soon as they notice changes in the electrical circuit, they trip off to save you from electrical hazards. They are designed with a simple reset button on the outlet. If they trip, you can switch on its reset button.
    Why Do My Lights Flicker?
    When you notice lights flickering throughout your home, you need to call an electrician and ask for help immediately. The reason for light flickering at home is either an outdated electrical panel or faulty. Other causes of this issue are insufficient power supply, loose wires, etc. Sometimes you plug in an appliance that draws too much power in the circuit. As a result, your home lights start flickering. A certified electrician can only make the exact diagnosis of this problem.
    Should I Be Concerned About Outlets That Don't Work?
    Before you call an electrician for help, you should try testing the outlet yourself. Take a lamp and plug it into the outlet. Turn on all the switches and see whether any switch on the wall is working. If it doesn't, check your electrical panel and see if there's any trip circuit. When you find one, reset it. When you find no tripping, it's when you need to be worried. Call an electrician so an expert can evaluate the whole situation.
    How Can I Tell If My Electrical Panel is Unsafe?
    When your electrical panels were installed more than 20 years ago, they needed replacement. If you have no idea about the panel's age, call an electrician to look into the matter.
    Why Is My Light Switch Hot?
    When your light switch is off, but it is very hot to touch, it is a sign of some underlying problem. You need to pay quick attention to it. If you don't, it may lead to an electrical fire. This overheating of the switch is due to faulty wiring, faulted switch, or overloading. Call an electrician to find a solution.
    Can I 'DIY' Electrical Projects?
    You may be a handyman who likes to do it all by yourself, but electrical matters are pretty severe. Please don't try to fix them all by yourself. Electricians got years of training and experience to troubleshoot electrical issues. You can't become them by watching a YouTube video. So, we strongly discourage DIY electrical repair.
    Why does my Circuit Breaker Keep Tripping?
    A circuit breaker trips, and you reset it, but it trips again, and i's when you need to be a bit worried. A power-hungry appliance like Air conditioners and heaters usually cause frequent tripping. It's good to call your expert electrician; they will check the circuit. Maybe you have a 15-amp circuit that needs to be replaced with a 20-amp.
    What Is the Difference Between AFCI and Conventional Circuit Breakers?
    Traditional circuit breakers can handle situations like overloading and short circuits quite well. They won't offer safety against arching conditions, which may be due to a low level of current or erratic current. AFCI stands for Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupter. If you install AFCIs, they will keep your home safe from electrical fires due to arcing faults in electrical wiring.