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01 Mar, 2022
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Does Your Electrical System Need an Upgrade?

More than 50K home electrical fires in the USA caused 14000 injuries and $1.3 Billion in property damage. According to (CPSC), electrical receptacles are the main cause of 5300 fires every year. The leading cause of home structure fires is Electrical distribution systems.

After reading these terrifying statistics, you must be wondering whether your home electrical system needs an upgrade or not.

If you are wondering, I would say pay attention to the 8 signs. They will tell you clearly that you need to call an electrician to change the whole electrical system.

1: When an Electrical system isn’t As per new Building Codes

The government keeps changing building codes every year to implement new safety standards. Your system will surely need an upgrade if you didn’t change the wire, sockets, and panels from the last five or ten years.

This upgrade becomes an absolute must when you plan to rent out your space. Building code violations due to outdated electrical systems will give you a tough time, and no one will rent your building.

2: When you are living in an ancient/Old Home

Old homes have old wiring and circuits. As soon as you move to an old building, always check whether it has a new system or not. When there is no such thing, you need to immediately connect with the Best Price Electrician in your nearby area. It’s because when you don’t upgrade the system, it will put your electrical appliance in the danger zone. It may set the appliance on fire or the whole home in a worst-case scenario. So, it’s good to call an electrician and perform an inspection whether this electrical system is as per safety standards or not.

3: When you are planning a Remodeling/Renovation

Are you going to revitalize the look of your home? You might be thinking of changing the ceiling, adding some chandeliers, or revamping the look of bathroom tiles. It’s vital to add an electrical system upgrade to your remodeling plan. This little part is quite important as if you overlook it, it may ruin the whole plan. How? Well, an electrical fire will disrupt the whole new look you create after spending a good amount of money. Thereby, it’s good to think about this factor as well.

4: When you face multiple Electric System Problems

Undoubtedly, an outdated electrical system brings a magnitude of problems for house owners. You often notice some issues such as:

Do you experience any of these issues? Please connect with a reliable electrician who can upgrade your electric system.

5: When you want to Add New Outlets

As soon as your family grows, demand for outlets also grows. It is quite possible that you want to change the location of your LED TV but can’t do that as there is no supported outlet nearby. You can’t rely on extension. An upgrade to sockets and outlets is necessary to deal with this issue.

6: When you want to sell a home

Are you planning to sell your home? It would be best if you had a lot in your mind, from remodeling bathroom tiles to revamping your garden landscape. If you want to upsell your home, it’s pretty possible to upgrade the whole home electrical system simply. This investment will bring good ROI as you can sell home fast and at an excellent price.

7: When you want to Prevent Fire Risks

Malfunctioning in the electrical system is always the main reason behind house fires. If you want protection from fire danger and plan to keep your family member safe, then a safe route is to upgrade your electric system completely.

8: When You need New-Tech Outlets

We live in the highly dynamic tech era where soon we will step into the metaverse. We no longer rely on old devices; we want something new and up to date. The demand for new appliances is different from that of old ones. Thereby, you often end up seeking an electric system upgrade to meet the demand for new electric appliances and devices.

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