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Electrical Panel Upgrade in Fort Lauderdale

Your search for a reliable panel change Lauderdale ends at Happy Customers Electrical Services. We have expert electricians who have been handling Electric panel repair and replacement services for more than three years.
Going for panel change service means making your home safe and preventing the danger of electric fire. Let us be your ultimate assistant in the next electric project.

When do you need an Electrical Panel Upgrade in Fort Lauderdale?

Here are some situations where you need to call us to avail services of Panel Change Palm Beach County immediately.

  • When your home building is more than 25 years old
  • Home lights are flickering and getting dim due to a plug-in again and again.
  • The panel feels very hot to touch.
  • The home has Split-bus electrical panels ( 1970-80)
  • The panel has burned, or you notice a burning smell of plastic around it
  • You hear a buzzing and hissing sound coming from an electric panel.
  • When circuit breaking is a common phenomenon
  • You don’t have enough outlets to handle your home appliance needs.
  • A large new appliance needs a new panel.
  • Highly recommended for fused load centers as replacement parts are unavailable
  • Your panel has only fuses and no circuit breaker
  • Rust is formed on an electric panel
  • You experience electric shock often
  • Home Remodeling
  • Direct damage happen to electric panel (a car hit in the garage or a large thing fall on a panel)
Why Do You Need Service of Panel Change in Fort Lauderdale?

Many old homes are not fully upgraded; they can’t meet and exceed the rising demands of modern households. We have tons of smartphones, devices, and appliances that had no existence in the past. You need Electric Panel Repair & Replacement to make your panels fully compatible with new devices. 

Here are other reasons that make panel repair and upgrade a must-have option for every building. 

You need electric panel change and repair service to:

Need Electric Panel Upgrade? Call us Now for Inspection

Happy Customer Electric Services are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. We are only a call away from you. If you want to take the hassle of panel change out, then only our licensed electricians are the ones you can trust us. It all starts with the inspection of your panel, and we will give you a quote based on your electric panel. 

Our Electrician Fort Lauderdale evaluates every panel case-by-case basis; before deciding to make a panel change, we check the brand, age, model, condition, and availability of replacement parts. Our customers need only repair or replacement in most cases instead of full change and replacement. 

We will make overloaded circuits and fire hazards a thing of the past with efficient service of  Electrical Panel Replacement. You will enjoy peace of mind as your family won’t have to deal with scary electric fire incidents.
Contact Happy Electric Services today, and let Fort Lauderdale Electrician make your home supply safe and secure. 

When searching for a reliable electrician, call us at 1 (754) 444 7661. We specialize in electrical repairs, indoor and outdoor lighting installations, panel upgrades, and even hot tub wiring!



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