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01 Mar, 2022
Posted by Best Price
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Make Your Business Energy Efficient

Every hour, your employee prints multiple copies of email and official documents,

Every weekend, they leave computers on standby mode.

Every month, your eyeballs widen a little bit more when you see a 50 to 60 percent increase in energy bills.

Well, it’s the story of every other business. But making your business energy-efficient means saving money on energy bills.

The more money you save from energy efficiency can be used to start another lucrative business project.

If you have realized that your business energy bills are skyrocketing and want to make your business energy efficient, well, you have hit the right spot. 

Best Price Electricians will share some expert tips to cut the energy bills in half

10 Tips to Follow for Making Your Business Energy-Efficient

1: Limit Printer Use

Whether you believe it or not, this machine is up and running in every other office (nonstop). Well, it’s time to sit back and devise an environment-friendly policy for your employees.

Go paperless. Yes, it sounds like a bit of trouble at first, but everyone will get used to it with time.

Don’t let anyone print until it is necessary. Rely on virtual communication, emails, and other paperless modes more.

After a month, you will come here to thank us for a money-saving business approach.

2: Say No to Standby Mode

Employees leave the computer, TV and other things on standby mode. They don’t want to get through the hassle of turning it on. It’s a nasty habit.

Even when your computers aren’t running, they are consuming energy. What’s the point of having standby mode as your employee to properly shut it all down before leaving their desks.

3: Try Minimalistic Approach

Another great idea to make your business energy efficient is minimalist interior design. It means keeping what’s required, no side table, not too many furniture items; the furniture, and other heavy objects block the proper airflow.
As soon as you change the interior, you will notice that the room has become airy in summer and more cozy in winter. When fans and air conditioners have too many roadblocks, they have to overwork, and as a result, your energy bills increase. 
Try changing your interior design, and it will cut down the cost of electricity half.

4: Invest in Energy-Saving Equipments 

LED bulbs should be your ultimate choice at the workplace. They are energy-efficient. You can create an aura of aesthetic and style once you use these lights properly. The market is filled with energy-saving equipment such as ceiling fans, paper-saving printers, and low-power equipment. Use them to take control of energy bills back in your hands.

5: Turn the Lights Off When You Don’t Need Them

I mean, it’s the most straightforward rule of saving money and energy, but unfortunately, not everyone follows it. Ask your employee specifically to shut down all the lights in a room. If possible, you can ask the manager to check rooms for lighting and standby computers. Making a policy of energy-saving is another good idea.

6: Set Thermostat at Right Temp

One centigrade extra on the thermostat increases your energy cost up to 10 percent. When you are in the office, ensure that the thermostat is at 20˚C.

7: Cleaning of Light is a Must

You may not rely on natural lights due to your building setting but try to clean your lights from time to time. It’s because dirty lights go dim, and as a result, you need to hire an electrician to install more lighting fixtures. When your office has incandescent filament bulbs, you need to replace them with LEDs, CFL, or halogens.

8: Think About Solar Panel

When you live in an area or building when sunlight is available for long hours, you should capitalize on this golden opportunity. It might seem like a significant investment at first. But once you install it, you start saving money every month.

9: Cut Kitchen’s Energy Cost

You often look closely at the workspace and forget all about the office kitchen. Well, it’s another place where your employees use machinery, refrigerators, and other appliances. Thereby, a quick check and balance at that place will help you make your business energy efficient. Turn off the microwave oven, fryers, and dishwashers. Clean filters of fridge and freezers so that they won’t overheat. Ask employees to cover cooking pots to reduce heat loss.

10: Go For Insulation

Use insulated ovens, fryers, and coffee machines. If you have a hot water tank, then also get insulation services. It will decrease heat loss and help you control your energy bills.

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