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01 Mar, 2022
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Why Do My Light Bulbs Keep Burning Out?

Are you trying to figure out the correct answer to why my light bulbs keep burning out? Well, you are at the right spot. 

Today, I will tell you all about nine reasons that lead to bulb burnout frequently in your space.

9 Reasons that lead to bulb burnout frequently in your space

1: High Voltage

When your home wires pass high voltage, it’s not just one bulb that will go off and become useless. You need to be ready as many more such incidents are upcoming. Use a voltage tester to find out the exact voltage and call an electrician to get an insight look.

2: High Wattage

Every device and fixture has a recommended wattage. Sometimes, you use a high wattage in a fixture. Since it’s more than recommended wattage, it reads to overheating, or in the worst-case scenario; it causes an electrical fire.

3: Excessive Vibrations

If you have installed a bulb in a ceiling fan or a pendant, then the constant motion of the bulb is the primary reason. You experience bulb burnout because CFL has a filament that breaks due to constant vibration. To deal with this issue, you need to replace your bulb, go with LED or any bulb without filament. It’s because you can’t control vibration, but at least you can control bulb type.

4: Low-Quality Bulb

When you get a good bargain on a batch of bulbs, you immediately fall for that discount offer. But later, you regret it. Maybe the low quality of the bulb is the main reason your light bulb keeps burning out. A simple fix to this issue will be to buy a top brand or good-quality bulb.

5: Too Tight Fixing

When you screw the bulb in its fixture, you usually try to keep it very tight. However, sometimes you add extra pressure and make the bulb very tight. This extra pressure ruins the connection of the fixture with the bulb. Over time, it loosens up the collection, and you experience burnout. There is a small brass tab in the socket. When it is pressed too much, it causes this issue. You need to remove the bulb and check this tab. If it is pressed, bring it back to its normal angle by using a pair of needle-nose pliers. It would be best if you bent it upward. Please turn off the light switch before fixing it.

6: Wrong Kind of Bulb

You may experience burnout because you pick the wrong type of bulb. At the bottom of the bulb, you find a small dot of solder. It comes in contact with the fixture tab. Make sure that the size of this dot is the same as required by the fixture. When this size is imperfect, it often causes this issue. You can try using the same bulb in another fixture. If it works there, then the main issue is the dot size. Buy a bulb with the exact solder dot size to prevent this issue in the future.

7: Short Circuit

Sometimes, you think that a bulb has burned out, but it’s not the case. The reason for the blackout in your home is a short circuit. A sudden increase in electric current flow causes the circuit breaker to trip. As a result, everything goes dark or specific areas of the home experience blackouts. The Causes of short circuits are different. When you use faulty wire in the outlet, the breaker trips. Other times a light socket needs repair. So, whatever the cause is, you can’t fix it on your own. Always hire a certified electrician in your area. He is an experienced guy who can look into the matter and provide you with a better solution.

8: Dimmer Compatibility

You may think that the main problem is with the bulb or fixture, but you are surprised to know that the dimmer switch could be the ultimate culprit of this whole scenario. When you have old dimmers, they work fine only with incandescent bulbs. You experience frequent bulb burnout; they are no longer compatible when you install CFL or LED bulbs. A quick fix is installing a dimmer switch that works well with your newly installed bulb.

9: Loose Bulb

When a bulb isn’t properly fit, it burns out quickly. You may notice light flickering but overlook this matter until a bulb becomes useless. Next, you get a bulb; please fix it properly in the socket.

10: Excessive turn off/on

LED bulbs should be your ultimate choice at the workplace. They are energy-efficient. You can create an aura of aesthetic and style once you use these lights properly. The market is filled with energy-saving equipment such as ceiling fans, paper-saving printers, and low-power equipment. Use them to take control of energy bills back in your hands.

11: Loose Wiring

Are you living in an old home? Maybe your electrical system and wiring need an upgrade. When wires are loose, the voltage input for the bulb is different. Sometimes, it’s too much to handle, and other times it is too low to keep the light on. This constant current fluctuation makes your bulb useless in no time. Even using a top brand bulb, it can’t keep up with its lifespan due to loose wiring or faulty fixtures.

12: Not having an IC-rated Fixture

When a bulb of recessed lighting keeps burning out, maybe the issue is with the fixture and not with the bulb. It would help if you had an IC-rated fixture that has insulation in the case to prevent overheating. When three or four lights up, they overheat and start burning out. You can fix this matter right away by replacing the old fixture with a new IC-rated fixture. They will prevent overheating and the risk of electrical fire to a great extent.

Final Thoughts

You got 12 possible answers to your question – why do my light bulbs keep burning out. If you have checked all those aspects but still have no clue why it keeps happening, then immediately plan an electric system inspection. An expert electrician knows where the problem lies, so why not use his experience to dig deep into the matter?

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