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01 Mar, 2022
Posted by Best Price

What Better Way to Enter a New Season Than With Energy Savings?

Summer is approaching fast. It’s the season when you rely too much on Air conditioner, and as a result, your energy bills spike up. You have to deal with high energy bills from June to September, no matter what you do. But not anymore.

Today, I’m here to give you 16 home energy-saving tips. They will help you make your home energy-efficient and save a good amount of money on your energy bills. So, let’s get started.

1: Air Dry Your Cloth

Summer means the sun is there for most of the day. So, don’t rely on your air dryer when you do laundry. Spread clothes openly in the air and let the sun do its job.

2: Replace or Clean Air Filter

Please clean the air filter of your A/C every week. Please do this cleaning twice a week if you have furry friends around. Dirty filters reduce air conditioner efficiency. It has to run for more hours to give you the cooling sensation you need. If your air filters are old, replace them with new ones to save energy.

3: Change Your Habit

Instead of putting dishes in the dishwasher, you can wash them by hand. Yes, it may take some time, but you can save energy. A bit of change in your behavior and habits helps you reduce energy bills. There is no need to keep any appliance on standby mode. Turn off all the lights when not in use.

4: Repair Ventilation System

The ventilation system of your home needs proper repair and maintenance. It contains ducts that distribute cold and hot air in your space. You can call an HVAC expert to see whether your home ventilation is up to standards or not. Many times, experts offer a free inspection. Get this service and see whether your home ventilation requires some maintenance or not.

5: Invest in Smart Thermometer

Digital apps operate smart Thermometers. You can program them so that they turn on automatically and set a temperature as per environment requirements. When you are not at home, they turn off to reduce your energy bills.

6: Plan Outdoor Cooking

Outdoor grills are famous in summer for many reasons. But a big reason here is to save energy. When you turn on the stove, it heats up the space. The air conditioner has to work more to keep your home environment cool. So, a better idea is to rely on outdoor cooking. Please don’t use the oven too much during summer as it is also an extensive home heat contributor. Reheat your food in a microwave oven instead of a stove.

7: Wash Clothes with Cold Water

You don’t need to heat your water to do laundry. Use fewer heaters and rely on cold water. It will help you save five to eight percent of energy every month. Also, take a freshwater bath or shower instead of a hot one. Coldwater helps you have a refreshing bath experience than a hot one.

8: Insulation is a Must

Insulating your home means keeping home warm in winter and cold in summer. It would be best to get insulation service for your basement, attic, floor, and crawlspace. It might be a big investment upfront, but you will feel good about it once you see its return within a few months, in the form of low energy bills.

9: Rely on Natural Light where possible

If you keep your home dark and the window closed, you need to use light bulbs even in the morning. A good idea to save energy is to use more natural light.

10: Wear Weather-Appropriate Dress

When you wear tight clothes in summer, you feel uncomfortable and keep the AC on all the time. The same happens when you wear fancy or silk clothes. In summer, you need to go with 100 percent cotton cloth. Wear breathable clothes, so you take it easy with hot weather. When you feel comfortable with clothing, you don’t turn on AC but rely only on ceiling fans.

11: Get a Dehumidifier

Are you living in a humid space? If that’s the case, then a dehumidifier is the missing partner of your air conditioner. When the environment has humidity and heat side by side, and you don’t have a dehumidifier, an air conditioner needs to work double. First, it will remove excess moisture from the air and then turn hot air into cold. This overloading on your A/C makes it break down soon. You will have to spend money on repairs after some time.

12: Call Expert for A/C Maintenance

You need to call maintenance workers for your air conditioner every season. They will inspect it properly. If its filter needs repair or some parts need repair, they can do it. When you start running a/c without proper maintenance, it overheats or consumes more energy than required. So, a better idea is to make a service call.

13: Buy Energy-Efficient Tools and Equipments

If you plan to save money by saving home energy, then try to replace old appliances and machines with energy-efficient ones. You can easily find Energy Star Certified tools and appliances. This Certification comes with a Federal promise that appliances or machines will consume less energy. Thereby, if you get them, you can quickly reduce your electricity bills.

14: Home Weatherization

Your home has some air leak areas such as windows, doors, vent, walls, etc. Check every wall, vent, door, and window. If you see any crack on stationary objects like a door frame, you can use caulk to seal the area. However, when this crack is on a moving object like a window, you can do weather stripping. Once you get home weathering, it will bring benefits for you. Cold air won’t leak from your home, and as a result, energy bills will drop.

15: Replace Lighting Bulb

If you have an old incandescent bulb, it’s time to replace them with LED ones. You will have to spend more money on LED bulbs at first, but their life span is more than old ones. Besides, their energy consumption is 75 percent less than a traditional bulb. You realize how much energy you can save if you do the math.

16: Strategize your Laundry Time

If you have a habit of doing laundry every day, it’s time to change this habit. Running the washer and dryer daily produces heat and consumes too much of your energy. Try not to do that. Washing a few clothes every day isn’t a good idea. Plan your laundry day only when you have a big pile of clothes. It will reduce your energy bills.

Wrap Up

I have shared 16 tips to help you save your energy bills and enter a new season with peace of mind that you won’t have to deal with high energy bills. Do you have some other tips for energy conservation? Feel free to share with us.

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